About us

We are based at LETG-Rennes at the University of Rennes (France). Our experience and savoir-faire come from 15 years of research within the framework of international projects and collaboration with academic and professional organizations. We set up fine-scale networks of data loggers recording temperature, humidity, rainfalls, wind speed ...within farms and wine estates to provide our clients with local data and customized services.

After the installation, two main kinds of service can be purchased by the client:

- real time data access on a web-platform (monthly subscription fees) with weather alerts, sent by text SMS or emails, in case of frost, too hot temperatures, high winds …

- fine-scale climatic expertise with seasonal analyzes and spatial mapping of the estate (temperatures, bioclimatic indices like growing degree days, Huglin index ...)

We also provide pre-plantation climate analyses in order to help farmers and wine makers in choosing best suited cultivars and locations.

Founding team

Cyril Bonnefoy

Phd Climatology/CEO
Post-doctorate LETG-Rennes

Tel : +33 (0)6 49 98 42 37

Cyril recently completed his PhD and wanted to add value to his scientific results. His expertise lies in fine-scale climate spatial modeling providing an innovative offer within his company. His own work led him to study viticultural estates in France and California

Valérie Bonnardot

Phd Climatology
Board of directors member
Lecturer University Rennes 2

Originally from a family of winemakers, with more than 15 years of research in applied climatology for viticulture, notably in South Africa, Valérie brings to the project her international consulting and entrepeneurial experience in climate analysis for agriculture.

Hervé Quénol

Phd Climatology
Board of directors member
Researcher CNRS


At the head of the LETGRennes laboratory, Hervé brings to the project his scientific experience in finescale rural and urban climatology. He has been validating his work for 10 years worldwide within different viticultural terroirs collaborating with various academic and professionals organizations.